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Policies etc.

We work hard to not only keep our policies reflective of current 'best practice' guidelines by updating them in line with training, legislation and recent research but also to ensure that staff put them into practice and that parents and carers are made aware.


We welcome all suggestions on how we can improve both our policies and our practice

Our policies are reviewed at least annually, we try our best to stay ahead of general practice and welcome ideas to help us improve- if you have a suggestion, compliment or concern, please email us at

Policies updated 2023

Mudeford Risk Assessment

Parent Information

As with the policies, we work hard to make sure you have all the information you might need - if you feel something is missing, do let us know at and we'll make sure to remedy the situation :-) 


How we Deliver the EYFS

Safeguarding Roles

Jewell Academy Assessment

St Peter's Risk Assessment

Winton Risk Assessment

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