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Need to book Breakfast, After School or Holiday Care with us? 

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Not registered yet? Here's how:


All of our registration and booking is now online. This means you book what you’d like, when you’d like simply by logging into your account. Your information stays under your control- edit and update at any time from medical information to new phone numbers- that said, it is still no substitute for face to face contact, so if there are any changes you wish to bring to our attention, please do speak to the staff at your child’s Club.

Here are some top tips for the registration process, the link to register follows below :-)


1) You’ll receive an automated confirmation email upon successful registration, if you get stuck with anything during the subsequent booking process, please check the self-help videos that come with that email.

2) Breakfast Club and After School Club need to be booked separately, please book  (for example) all your required BC sessions, then your ASC sessions. You’ll get an invoice for each type of session per month.

3) When you select your booking option, it can take a few minutes to process – this is normal – it is processing all of your required dates for the year, applying any discounts, then breaking it down into monthly payments, please don’t worry!

4) You will be able to book siblings together once you have booked for first child in, if you scroll down in the Course Summary box, there is an option to ‘Book More’. If you follow this option, you can book your subsequent child/ren in for the same BC or ASC booking at the same time.

5) Reception children that are starting at a later date, please book the whole year and advise Sarah via and she’ll remove the unnecessary dates.

6) There is a fee for registering - PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO BOOK AS THE SYSTEM WILL SEND YOU AUTOMATED MESSAGES TO PAY THE REGISTRATION FEE UNTIL IT IS PAID. If you have a question that you can't find on our website, please email and we'll get back to you ASAP.


PHEW! I think that’s all! Thank you for reading to the end 😊

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