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This club opened in September 2021 and is run from the Extended Services Room - you'll see us directly in front of you if you walk up the main entranceway towards the office, we're the last room on your left, near the car park. As with all of our settings the children enjoy a wide range of free play, arts & crafts, music and outdoor games.


Please note, our pricing structure at Jewell Academy is unique to this setting in order to meet the requirements of the community.

                                   'As and when' for session one or two £7

                                   'Regular' for session one or two £6.5


Ofsted said

"Children are excited to attend the out-of-school club after their school day. They are happy, relaxed, and comfortable at the club. Children are aware of the rules and routines and have good relationships with each other. Staff encourage children to use their good manners. They praise children's good behaviour and achievements. Staff quickly respond when children need them. This helps children to feel secure, valued and listened to.

Staff organise the environment well and provide a wide range of stimulating resources which meet the ages and needs of each child. They involve children when planning and ensure that activities meet their different interests. For example, children talk with excitement as they learn how to make marks using tin foil, colouring pens, and water. Children also relax in quieter areas of the club, sharing stories with staff. These opportunities help children to be curious and deeply engaged in their chosen play and activities. Children enjoy being physically active outdoors. They practise travelling along a balancing trail and play football. Staff are successful at promoting children's physical and emotional well-being."


Ofsted Registration number EY2652291

Contact info

Club Phone:

07889 416920


Jewell Academy,

Jewell Road,



Opening Hours

Breakfast Club

8.00am - start of school

After School Club 

'Split session'

End of school - 4.20 pm

and/or 4.20 - 5.55pm



Our nearest Holiday Club is in St Peter's Primary School, near Littledown.

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