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Parenting is hard work! The days when everything goes well are real gems, most days we look back and can be quite hard on ourselves. Let us help. At St Claire's our staff are parents and childcarers, teachers and youth workers to name but a few - between us we have a range of experience, qualifications and tips that we are making available for you;


  • In our Resources area - there will be a range of activities that you can try at home, ideas for things to do outside, recipes and packed lunch ideas that hit that magic balance of being quick, healthy, affordable and delicious. 

  • We offer in person support - if you need someone to talk to about your child, their behaviour, something they are struggling with, please let a member of staff know and we'll make time to listen and help.


  • We have Mental Health First Aiders at all of our sites if you or someone you know are struggling.

  • We also offer Parenting Mentoring sessions with a qualified and experienced Early Years Professional who can help with ideas, practical tips and support. 

  • Pre & Post Adoption/ Special Guardianship Mentoring sessions - while you should still speak to your Social Worker about specific issues, we can help with the adoption process, practical advice for settling in, support and ideas to promote attachment. Our Early Years Professional is an adopter, has created and delivered Attachment Training and written articles for Adoption UK.

How can we help?

Thanks for getting in touch, one of us will get back to you shortly.

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