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Prices are important, so here they are :-) 

Breakfast Club, from 8:00 to the start of the school day


 £5 (Regular Place) £5.5 (As & When Place) 


We provide before school care at Mudeford Infants and Winton Primary. These sessions are short, so we focus on ensuring every child has access to a healthy breakfast of toast, cereal & fruit. There is a selection of toys, games and colouring activities as well as outdoor play, weather permitting.

After School Club, from the end of the school day to 5:55

** We are currently running the two session model until March 2024  - we'll evaluate it's viability in February 2024 and either return to a single session model or keep this one. Parents will be notified in early March 2024.**

We are currently trialing providing our childcare in TWO sessions that compliment your school's own enrichment clubs - our first session runs from the end of the school day until the end of school-run clubs. Our second session runs from the end of school-run clubs until 5.55 (5.45 at Mudeford).


This means you can: 

  • keep your childcare costs down when your child attends school-run clubs 

  • reduce the number of visits to pick up from school if a sibling is in a school-run club

  • extend or reorganise your working day to avoid the busiest times in the school car parks

Each session is priced as follows: £6.90 (Regular Place) £7.50 (As & When Place) per session


We provide after school care at Mudeford Infants (5:45 end), Jewell AcademySt Peter's Primary and Winton Primary. These sessions run every day that school is open - we provide a snack as well as a range of activities

Holiday Club (8:30 - 5:30) £30 for Full Daycare or with early bird discount, £28     


Holiday Club 1/2 day (8:30 - 1:00 or 12:00 - 5.30*) £20 or with early bird discount, £18            

Early Start (8:00) or Late Finish (6:00) £3.25

*Please note these timings are a trial until September 2022 to enable hot lunch options in the summer

Our holiday clubs are fun filled, vibrant places to be and we run them at St Peter's Primary and Winton Primary .

We provide a fruit snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon and activities all day long - see here. Children are asked to bring a packed lunch (no nuts please!) and appropriate clothing - see Letter for Parents


       For 3 or more ASC per week 5%

       Maximum discount given to any family 5%


Admin Fees - Account activation or re-activation £10 (Waived for HAF registrations)

               - Late payments 10% of outstanding balance

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