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This club opened in 2017 and is run from the ICT room (although we are a ‘screen free’ setting!) and the children enjoy a wide range of free play, arts & crafts, music and outdoor games.


Ofsted said

“Children enjoy their time at the friendly and welcoming club. Staff collect them safely from their classrooms and they arrive with enthusiasm. Children play alongside friends and have access to a suitable range of games and resources. They benefit from being able to relax and spend long periods of time at activities of their choice. The environment is organised well. Children have many good opportunities to read, count, use numbers and make calculations. Children of all ages play in harmony. They are well mannered and naturally show care and consideration for others. Staff use praise and encouragement to support this positive behaviour. They are effective key persons who establish strong bonds with children. Children are excited to see their key person and to spend time with them. For instance, they seek out staff to show off their paintings and delight in listening to stories that staff read to them. Children feel respected and valued.”

Please see our folder at the club or here for the full report.

Ofsted Registration number EY549516

Most Recent Ofsted Inspection Report

Contact info

Club Phone:

07342 266626


Queens Road, 


BH23 3HH

Opening Hours

Breakfast Club

8.00am - start of school

After School Club

end of school - 5.45 pm



Our nearest Holiday Club is in St Peter's Primary School, near Littledown.

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