We have been running holiday clubs for school aged children in BCP for the last 20 years, and this summer we turned our award winning Summer program on its head and had a six week festival instead! We had specialist activity leaders from Giant Bubble Workshops, Circus Skills, Balloon Modelling and Archery, to visits from an Alpaca, a Shetland Pony and more spiders and snakes than we care to think about! We had more outdoor games, an Arts Stand with new crafts to do every day, a Science Station with new experiments daily, a Nature Leader with bug hunts and a focus on engaging with nature, Cookery Corner where the children learned how to make healthy additions to meals and a Super Me activity every day – with our Mental Health First Aiders – doing activities to build confidence, self-esteem & resilience, supporting our children back to a social world post pandemic. The feedback that we got was fantastic - so we're sticking with it!

(Please note, we don't offer a specific 'Over 8s' program at St Peter's but adapt what we offer to the children booked in.)

May '22

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Easter '22

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Feb Half Term '22

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Summer 2021

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