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All of our registration and booking is now online. This means you book what you’d like, when you’d like simply by logging into your account. Your information stays under your control- edit and update at any time from medical information to new phone numbers- that said, it is still no substitute for face to face contact, so if there are any changes you wish to bring to our attention, please do speak to the staff at your child’s Club.


Please read and follow the below carefully, as we can’t activate your account without all the required information, then click the link at the end to make a start.


  1. Complete the initial page with your details, read and accept the T&Cs and read the GDPR statement- if you are happy for us to email you activity plans and newsletters, please tick the other box too and press Register – a new page will open and you’ll now be in your account.

  2. Uploading a photo of yourself helps us at pick up time- we can easily identify you, and a photo of your child helps us with collections from the classrooms, the photos are never taken from your account or used in any other way and are not compulsory.

  3. You need to add each child you’d like to book with us to your account- please fill this in as fully as possible. The details on both your profile and your child/ren’s are editable, so you can update your phone number, address, child’s class, medical requirements etc. whenever you need, but do please remember to draw our attention to anything which requires us to change how we look after your child. 

  4. For those families where parents both have accounts with us and need to book and be invoiced separately, please use the child/ren’s name to indicate who is booking, for example Joe (mum) Blogs. With our on-screen registers, only staff will see this as other parents will only see their child’s information upon sign in/ out.

  5. You will need to ask at least two other adults to be your emergency contacts- they may pick your child/ren up from club or be contacted if we can’t get hold of you in an emergency. It is very helpful if they can upload a photo of themselves. Please ask them to complete the initial registration page ONLY- they don’t need to add the children.  Use the link given below

  6. We will then link their account to yours. This ensures that your emergency contacts won’t be able to see things like your child’s medical information and any changes to passwords etc. these remain under your control, but staff in Club will see their name under emergency contacts for your child. (If you ever need to add or remove someone from your child’s account, please email us on and we'll sort it out for you)

  7. We need to manually check over your information to ensure our setting is suitable for your child. We will call/email you to check through any requirements and to ask which adults we should link to your child. Once this is done, we’ll assign your child to a Club and inform you by email that you are now able to book.

  8. If you are booking under the HAF program, we'll also ask you which dates you'd like to book and confirm your eligibility.

  9. Once Step 7 is complete, you’ll be able to book any sessions and won’t need to go through the Registration process again- even if a sibling is later added to your account you simply need to call or email us and we repeat Step 7, phew!!

  10. Here's the link :-)