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This small busy setting opened in 2018 and is thriving, although we will sadly be closing at the end of the summer term this year. We are still celebrating after our recent Ofsted where they recognised the great facilities and environment which the children enjoy here.



Ofsted said

“Children thoroughly enjoy their time in the club. Older children make their way to the setting from their classrooms, where staff welcome them warmly, and they quickly become involved in activities of their choice. Staff prepare a range of activities, such as games, dough and role-play, to help the children to quickly engage in activities. Children show high levels of confidence. They get out additional resources or ask to play outside once all the children from the early years part of the school are present. Children's enjoyment is further enhanced by staff actively joining in their play. For example, younger children build a den under the climbing frame and staff help bring out additional resources, such as milk crates for them to use as seats. Older children enjoy a game of 'It' with another member of staff. Staff have high expectations of the children and they respond well, successfully following the club's rules, which they helped develop, such as being kind to our friends and using indoor voices. Children have good opportunities to share their views about the club with staff and managers. They have regular questionnaires and discussions with staff about what they would like to see improved. As a result, they have new activities and resources, such as big bubble making and board games.”



Ofsted Registration number EY559167

Most Recent Ofsted Inspection Report

Contact info

Club Phone:

07889 416920


St James' Square


Opening Hours

After School Club

3.00pm - 6.00pm

Holiday club - our nearest holiday club is at St Peter's Primary School

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