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HR Support


Small businesses don't have an entire HR department - it usually falls on a few people that have some understanding of employment law but know the people they are meeting with. This can have fantastic advantages but it also makes delivering sensitive feedback trickier - this is where having an external professional come into your setting can be really valuable.


Mentoring sessions - we mentor your staff individually online to help them be the best version of their workplace selves. An external professional can make suggestions for Best Practice and your teams feel free to raise concerns and discuss their own practice honestly and confidentially, which we can then guide. Before each round of Mentoring, we'll gather information about each staff member so that we can personalise their session, provide and check-in on informal goals. At the end of each round of mentoring, we'll have a session with the person in charge to give them de-personalised information about their workplace(s), their areas of strength and areas they may want to look more carefully at. We recommend this at least twice a year.

£60 per member of staff

Supervisions - similar to mentoring but with more personalised feedback about performance. We recommend this at least once a year and would need a longer pre-supervision session to gather the appropriate information.

£75 per member of staff


Appraisals - this looks at the member of staff's  performance over the whole year and requires peer reviews (which we'll provide), feedback from children and families (we'll provide the forms/ online survey for this too) attendance information, training uptake, observations from a Line Manager, any performance management conversations, disciplinary procedures and 'above and beyond' feedback. An effective appraisal will give the member of staff and the employer a fair and accurate picture of their workplace performance.

£150 per member of staff



 Disciplinary & Grievance Meetings  - these be incredibly difficult and stressful at the best of times, but add in that you are a small business and you know the person, you haven’t had training on how to lead a formal, difficult  conversation and you don’t know what legally you’re allowed to say or not means these are a potential minefield. Done correctly they can safeguard your business, support your teams and keep you out of a tribunal. We will need all HR records in relation to the complaint in advance, we will issue the correctly worded letters and conduct an independent disciplinary/ grievance meeting with an independent recommendations outcome. 


Our cost depends on the time it’ll take us to prepare for the meeting and the meeting itself. We will discuss with you the history of the person involved such as length of service, previous issues, any ‘high risk dismissal’ factors to provide a free estimated quote beforehand. The quality of the records you are able to provide will also have an impact on cost – for example if we have to get statements as they haven’t been documented. We will also work with you to keep the cost low - if there is any preparation you can do, we'll give you the guidelines to ensure it meets required standards.


 £60 per hour prep time plus £250 for the meeting

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