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We are delighted to have been chosen by BCP to deliver the Government's Holiday Activities and Food program!

The HAF program will provide eligible families with free childcare & a cooked meal with us for 16 sessions over the summer holiday. You can use them either as morning or afternoon sessions or back to back for full day care.

  • Children will have full access to all of our activities

  • Our healthy lunches will be cooked from scratch in our child friendly 'pop-up' kitchens

  • The children will be getting involved in the cooking too.

  • Our food will all be locally sourced

  • We'll be including a strong food education element

  • Parents are invited to join in with the cooking & have a meal with us

  • Parents Group Support - benefits of healthy eating & habits, sharing food ideas, healthy tips & tricks, cooking healthily on a budget all wrapped up in coffee mornings!

 As part of our responsibility under the HAF program, we have to check eligibility criteria.

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