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 Business in a Box


This is our innovative creation to help new and existing businesses get their settings in order. We have developed an infrastructure which will enable anyone to open a Breakfast, After School or Holiday Club setting with every procedure, form and policy already complete, we call in our 'Business in a Box' and it literally arrives already arranged into files and folders in a box ready to be put into practice. It would be equally suitable for someone wanting to refresh and existing settings policy and practice. Everything is prepared for you - from how to file accident forms so they can be reviewed monthly for H&S and Safeguarding requirements to the forms and folders to make it happen. We'll even give you some Activity Planners & Instructions too, so the 'To Do' list in your first weeks of business will be kept to a minimum.


Standard Box Contents 

  • Parents Folder - this has everything in it that you need to make parents aware of about your setting, including Policy, procedure, Accident Notification procedure and blank complaints forms. You can add pages with photographs of your club and activities if you wish and should be kept easily accessible for all visitors.

  • Club Development Folder - this contains your self evaluation, 

  • Children RAS folder - this contains details, logs and behaviour and support plans for all children Requiring Additional Support. It should be kept very securely and every member of staff should read and sign that they have read it. It contains sensitive safeguarding information - it's where you log professional conversations with families, concerns and things to monitor. It also contains blank allergy alert notices and wristbands.

  • Risk Management Folder - this contains a number of pre-populated risk assessments with generic risks and space for you to add your site specific risks. It has RA forms for trips, Fire Risk Assessment, Fire Logs & Fire Drills.

  • HR Folder - contains everything you need from Job Descriptions, Job Application forms, Vetting Forms, Interviews, Induction Packs to template emails. 

  • Training Manual - this is a detailed breakdown of policy and practice for you to give your teams. It has 12 sections, each section has a quiz at the end and you'll be given certificates you can present to staff on successful completion of each theme. 

You also receive all of the above in digital format so you can print however many forms and copies of things you require, as well as template emails to welcome new parents, invite candidates for interview and welcome new staff.

We  personalise the folders and paperwork for your setting with your logo.


 £995 including postage.

Please note - we do not provide contracts or the legal Terms and Conditions around your employment practices - we recommend you take legal advice to ensure you have the correct paperwork and wording for your business. 

 Optional Extras

You can opt in for annual updates - every year you'd be sent the new & updated policy & paperwork digitally.


£30 per year


Holiday Club Activity Planners & Instructions -  you'll receive a new holiday club theme per week of school holiday at least 6 weeks ahead of the end of that term.


£*** per month


Regular mentoring with our Early Years Professional, Business Manager or Finance Manager - have a monthly or bi-monthly check in with us for advice, guidance, mentoring and support. We recommend you keep a diary or notebook so that you can note down things you'd like to cover as they arise. Before each  Mentoring session we will check in with you to organise a convenient day and time, you can let us know areas of concern and we'll make sure you're speaking to the right person.


£60 per month.



Never feel that you are alone in your new business venture - we'll be there for you until you're ready to go it alone. 


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